Guiding Principles for Responsible Mining

Our Guiding Principles

In NSW we mine responsibly for today, tomorrow and the future. Our commitment in NSW to the environment, our communities, investors and employees made in our Guiding Principles for Responsible Mining in NSW, add to the high standards of operation already required under NSW and Australian policy and regulation.

Download the guide to learn about each of these principles in detail and to see the case studies that demonstrate how the industry implements the principles everyday.

What they are
Ethical Business

Business is conducted in an ethical manner, maintaining systems of corporate governance, risk management, standards, and transparency.


Put respect, fairness, and transparency at the centre of our engagement with employees, neighbours, communities and Indigenous Australians, throughout the life of mine.


Continually improve environmental performance of our operations, including our stewardship of water, mitigation of noise and dust emissions, management of tailings, reduction of energy use and waste, and to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and nature.

Safe & Inclusive

Continually improve our health and safety performance with the goal of zero harm, and foster an inclusive environment within our operations, where our people are respected, engaged, recognised and developed.


Support decarbonisation policies and programs that are consistent with agreed international frameworks, and with achieving the NSW and Australian Government target of net zero emissions by 2050.


Make a positive economic and social contribution to the communities where we operate.

Future Opportunities

Engage with and support communities and government to take advantage of the opportunities for the use of mine owned land, infrastructure, and workforces in the future.