Health and Safety

Safety is the number one priority for our sector

The NSW mining industry has an excellent health and safety record over many years, but there’s always room for improvement.

Our industry’s goal is zero harm. We lead the way with our virtual reality training facilities, mining software and innovation.

Like other industries, working in mining does pose health and safety challenges. However, we believe that:

  • All fatalities, injuries and diseases are preventable
  • Every task, however urgent or important, can be done safely
  • All hazards can be identified and their risks managed
  • Everyone has a personal responsibility for the safety and health of themselves and others
  • Safety and health performance can always be improved
Leading the way in safety excellence

The NSW mining industry operates under a ‘tripartite’ model where unions, government and industry work collaboratively to ensure the best health and safety outcomes. This model is supported by Coal Services which is a dedicated health and safety scheme for the coal industry in NSW. Coal Services provides health surveillance and coordinates dust monitoring across the coal industry.

We also work together with unions and regulators on the NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council to manage safety and risk in the workplace. Through this forum, we’ve helped to create and implement practical resources for miners in NSW.

It’s not just about safety. Our industry also supports overall individual health and fitness for work by positively addressing issues such as fatigue, mental health and innovations to reduce or eliminate injuries.